HarbourTone Productions is a professional digital audio recording studio located on King Street in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

20130322_0055_editedsmallHarbourTone offers an acoustically treated isolation room and control room with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Situated just off Shelburne’s beautiful Historic Dock Street, it provides a calm and creative spot with plenty of inspiration by one of the best harbours in the world.

Work with in-house producer & engineer, Alex Buchanan on your next recording project!




“Love the studio, great sound. Always a pleasure to play in such a relaxed atmosphere.”
Ed Benham
Shelburne County Drummer

With less than 24 hours notice, we scheduled a session to record samples of a variety of tunes on three different flutes from the Windward Flute Company. Alex was extremely efficient with the set up, very encouraging behind the board during the session and extremely quick afterwards with the clean up and mixing. We were in and out of the studio with 13 tracks in about 2 1/2 hours. Bravo and thank you for a great experience, we’ll be back!!!!
Andra Bohnet
Professor of Flute, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, USA

I’d just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time recording at HarbourTone. It’s nice to play in an environment where there is no pressure to lay something down in a hurry. I never feel like I’m on the clock. I also appreciate all the helpful advice and good vibes. Keep up the good work!!
Allan Crosby
Yarmouth Multi-instrumentalist & Songwriter

I have been writing songs since I was nine but never dreamed they would one day be recorded! Alex is amazing.
I just completed my second album with Alex and I have always been impressed with his professionalism and expertise! My songs were recently selected by industry professionals through Music Xray for promotional contracts! I have to give all of the credit to Alex and his professional recording studio. Alex is not only fun to work with and extremely patient, he is also a master of his craft. He is an accomplished piano player and has a gift for adding the right vocal harmonies. Recording with Alex has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have two more albums ready to record and I can’t wait to get back to Alex’s brand new state-of-the-art studio! Thank you Alex!
Carmenne Chiasson
Singer/songwriter, Hawaii, USA

I never thought I would get to record the songs that I write, I’m a closet performer, but over the years with the help of Alex and the music community here in Shelburne, I have managed to lay down some really solid tracks and with direction from Alex I have ended up with a professional product which is produced just right.
With all the gadgets the main thing is the Alex-factor, a truly genius musician, multi-instrumentalist, great singer and all round nice chap. Cheers,
Guy Tipton
Shelburne singer/songwriter

Alex Buchanan is one of the finest people you will ever meet. He is a leader. an enterpreneur, someone who knows what he wants and how to get there. Alex is very talented: a musician (Multi-instrumentalist), a vocalist (great on harmonies), and a showman. He has accompanied me on several shows, including Queens, New York, and Cape May, New Jersey.
I’ve worked with Alex in his previous studio, and in his present studio. I’ve also had the opportunity to witness Alex recording other artists. His work leaves nothing to be desired. His new studio was built to Alex’s personal specifications, and you will absolutely love it. Your recording time could not be better spent, and your budget will go a longer way by using his studio.
Lloyd MacHardy
Pictou County singer/songwriter

Alex certainly has the technical expertise with the recording equipment, but he is also musically creative in his own right. With an easy manner and a patient attitude, he is able to bring out the best from the artist he is working with. Thank-you, Alex!
Bob Vacon
Shelburne Blues Guitarist & Vocalist

Alex is a vibrant and creative engineer and the studio space he created is warm and inviting and encourages creativity. I love the demo we recorded and I’m looking forward to recording my whole record there this fall.
Manitoba Hal Brolund
Canadian Ukulele Blues Singer/Songwriter

I was at HarbourTone recording our first demo. It was a great experience, Alex made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. The songs sounded terrific when Alex was finished with them, very professional, great job Alex.
Eddie Perry
Shelburne County Guitarist