Past Projects

Below is a list of projects that have been produced and/or engineered by Alex Buchanan at HarbourTone Productions including albums, singles, videos and audiobooks.

Judi Cleveland The Universal Woman (single & video) Winter 2018
Ghost Town Heroes Madolyn (single) Winter 2018
Carmenne Chiasson Halifax New Years Eve (single) Christmas 2017
Manitoba Hal and Friends Wang Dang Doodle (video) Christmas 2017
Brian Nickerson Brian Nickerson (album) Christmas 2017
Pat Melanson and Friends Troika Bells (single & video) Christmas 2017
Melvin Wheaton Reach The Lost (single) Fall 2017
P.T. Healy Back Roads (album) Fall 2017
Naming The Twins Collectibles (compilation album) Fall 2017
Naming The Twins Why Can’t We (video, DnA Design House) Fall 2017
Lynne Crowell Music for Life, My Journey (album) Fall 2017
Matt Swim I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair (single & video) Fall 2017
Stewart Nickerson When The Geese Fly This Fall (album reissue) Fall 2017
Ambassadors Trio Reissued 1973 recording (album) Fall 2017
Fortunate Our Christmas Favourites (album) Fall 2017
Shepherd’s Joy Five album reissues Fall 2017
Cathy Cook More Than 150 Centuries (single & video) Fall 2017
Carmenne Chiasson The Mean Album (album) Summer 2017
The Cooper’s Inn Four promotional videos (DnA Design House) Summer 2017
The Sound of Men Just A Closer Walk (album) Summer 2017
Dale, Sue & Friends Country Music Soul Mates (album) Summer 2017
Dave Burbine 2017 (album) Summer 2017
Jigs & Reels Sampler (video) Summer 2017
Lee Keating Songs of a Riverman (album) Spring 2017
Carmenne Chiasson Avalanche (album) Christmas 2016
Carmenne Chiasson Kiss Me Again (video) Christmas 2016
Bill Martin Loving You/Memories (single) Fall 2016
Naming The Twins Turn Styles (album) Fall 2016
Naming The Twins You’re Right Everything’s Wrong (single & video) Fall 2016
Ragged Island Roosters Ragged Island Roosters (album) Fall 2016
Cathy Cook Keep Your Planet Clean (video) Summer 2016
Danny Acker Farewell to Nova Scotia (single) Summer 2016
Shelburne Film Camp 2016 Final Project “Ghost Light” (video) Summer 2016
Dave and Marianne Burbine Dad and I (album) Spring 2016
Shelburne Student Idol Behind The Mask (video) Spring 2016 Nine promotional videos for Shelburne County (DnA Design House) Winter 2015
Steve Pinksen Honor Roll (single) Fall 2015
P.T. Healy Wanted: Dead Or Alive (album) Fall 2015
Darren Hudson Barrington River Run (album) Fall 2015
Melvin Wheaton Lord Set Your People On Fire (album) Fall 2015
Dave Burbine Christmas Album (album) Fall 2015
TLC Pharmasave Promotional video (DnA Design House) Fall 2015
Killick Before It Spreads! (album) Summer 2015
Eden Pletner Blackbird Sampler (EP) Summer 2015
Shelburne Film Camp 2015 Final Project “Crossroad Blues” (video) Summer 2015
Manitoba Hal Dancing In The Moonlight (album) Spring 2015
Kelly Bellamon Songs of South West Nova (album) Spring 2015
Cathy Cook Stephen Harper Hates Me (single & video) Spring 2015
Alyssa LeBlanc Booze Cruise (single) Spring 2015
Marion Hogg The Bird with the Broken Wing and Other Stories for Children (audiobook) Spring 2015
Banjo Bubba On Time (album) Spring 2015
Catlin Perry Fallin’ For You (single) Spring 2015
Adam Hill “Turff” Next Up (single) Spring 2015
Dave Burbine Let It Roll (album) Spring 2015
Scratch Tracks Five video shorts for CBC ComedyCoup competition Fall 2014
Naming The Twins Too Far Gone for Closeups (single) Fall 2014
Jessica Jurgenliemk Circumstance (album) Summer 2014
Dave Burbine Wagon Wheel (album) Summer 2014
Guy Tipton These Days (album) Spring 2014
Leo Boudreau Leo Boudreau (EP) Spring 2014
The Piper’s Guild Bagpipe Favourites of Nova Scotia (album) Winter 2014
Cathy Cook All Kinds O’ Love (album) Fall 2013
Failin’ Health Just Like That (album) Fall 2013
Julian Babin Sept Chansons Françaises (album) Fall 2013
Killick Collideco! (album) Fall 2013
Kathleen Tudor The Life & Times of Jane Plusplus (audiobook) Summer 2013
Naming The Twins Drifters & Dreamers (album) Spring 2013
Carmenne Chiasson Can’t Stop Smilin’ (album) Spring 2013
Natalie Lynn With Me: Part 1 (EP) Summer 2012
Ashley Stuart Just One Time (EP) Summer 2012
Allan Crosby 0 to 55 (album) Spring 2012
Jessica Jurgenliemk On St. Patrick’s Lane (EP) Spring 2012
Lloyd MacHardy 4 Door Hardtop (album reissue) Spring 2012
Patti & Ernie Dexter Snow Falling On Black Pines (EP) Spring 2012
Bob Vacon Can’t Hold Back (album) Fall 2011
Manitoba Hal Flirting With Mermaids (album) Fall 2011
Carmenne Chiasson Apple Pie (album) Fall 2011
Allan Crosby Dumping Day (single) Fall 2011
Kathleen Tudor If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another (audiobook) Summer 2011
Aubrey Nickerson I Am (single) Summer 2011
Gordon Ross Gordon (album) Summer 2011
The Deceived Trapped in Hell (album) Summer 2011
Windward Flutes Wooden Flute Samples Spring 2011
Becky Myers & Eddie Perry Genie (EP) Spring 2011
Tiffani Latham Tiffani Latham (album) Fall 2010
P.T. Healy Nights in Cheyenne (EP) Summer 2010
Alex Buchanan Transit Lines (album) Summer 2010
Gerry Ogilvie My Own Backyard (album) Spring 2010
Three Piece Sweet I Wouldn’t Shine On You (EP) Spring 2010