20150505_0095_editedsmKillick:  an ancient form of anchor, the leader of a group of sailors, or a hot, progressive band from Shelburne, Nova Scotia!  Killick’s roots go back to 1997, and through various progressions, the band has been a continuous part of the music scene ever since.  They have played throughout The province and as far away as Toronto.  Highlights have been Folk Harbour Festival 2006 and main stages in Shelburne, Pugwash, Halifax, Yarmouth and all points between.  For 2014 and 2015, Killick has been a main act on the Nova Star ferry between Yarmouth and Portland including the 2015 Kitchen Party Cruises, hosted by Killick.

Killick describes its style as “tradmash”, a mishmash of traditional, original and contemporary.  The three talented musicians who make up the group are not bound by any single musical form or genre.  Be it Cajun, Celtic, Latin, blues, rock, whatever, they accept any challenge and make it their own.  Between them, they play over a dozen instruments, so they are masters at creating a “new” sound for any tune they tackle.  Their greatest thrill is to have their audience join them in the spirit of the moment, whether in singing, dancing, or simply enjoying being a part of the happening.  When Killick plays, things happen.

Killick is centered on Pat Melanson, it’s founder, who is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Fellow members Alex Buchanan and Sean McClure fit the same description. All are gifted musicians and talented song crafters, whose styles are all complimentary.  Together, their talents are taking their music to places where individually they could not have gone.

Killick – Before It Spreads!

Killick-B.I.S.-COVERReleased in 2015, Killick Before It Spreads is an album of originals featuring songs written by every member of the band. From sincerity to stark reality, this album tells many stories, often with a light-hearted twist.

Recorded at HarbourTone Productions in Shelburne, NS.

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Killick – Collideco!

1. Collideco_COVERReleased in 2013, Killick – Collideco features a mixture of songs and instrumentals with a French-Acadian feel taking the listener from the Acadian shores of Nova Scotia down to Louisiana and across the sea to Paris, France. From bilingual songs written by Pat Melanson to traditional jigs and reels.

Recorded at HarbourTone Productions in Shelburne, NS.


Killick – Self-titled

Killick-selftitledReleased in 2005, Killick’s debut album features originals by Pat Melanson and former band member, Robbie Smith. A collection of folk, celtic and Acadian music.

Recorded at Feswick Productions.