Music Promotion

Once you’ve recorded your music at HarbourTone……what do you do with it??
HarbourTone can assist you with many of the tasks required to promote your music to the public. This includes:

Graphic Design & Photography:
Alex Buchanan offers album artwork graphic design services to create a professional package for your album. We can also help you find a photographer for promotional photos.

IMG_1033Manufacturing CDs:
HarbourTone can help you choose a CD manufacturing company and CD packaging for your CD.
HarbourTone also offers small CD runs with labels and paper sleeves for demo purposes.

Building a Website:
We can aide in designing a website/blog for your music to help you connect with your fans.

Selling your music on online music stores:
Online music stores and streaming services (i.e. iTunes, Spoitify, Bandcamp) is another important way to release your music to the public. HarbourTone can show you how to get your music listed online.

Music Promotion via Social Networks:
We can show you how to create a Facebook Page, a Youtube Channel, and other online music promotional sites to help you promote your music to the world.

Registering your music through SOCAN:
SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is the Canadian organization which administers royalties to musicians when their music is played to the public. HarbourTone can show you how to get set up with SOCAN.

Contact for pricing for promotional services. Online social network assistance and SOCAN registration assistance is free with a recording project.